How to Clean your House Fast

Cleaning your house can be a daunting task, paid cleaning help can be of real help if you house budget can cover it. But sometimes you just can pay for service or on weekends you dont have help and you need to know how to speed clean your house. Paid cleaners are experts at speed cleaning, you can certainly pay for the service but it also is a cost that you may not want to pay. But you should learn from their tricks and tips that make their job easier and faster.

So you may want to try these tips from professional cleaners:

Schedule your Cleaning Time Professional cleaners schedule their job right down to the minute.

Set up a regular weekly cleaning schedule. Dress Comfortable Professional cleaners dress comfortable with cloths designed for work.

Proper Tools Professional cleaners dont use gimmick tools announced on television informercials.

Invest in sturdy well made tools for cleaning. For example replace the rackety sponge mop with a terry covered magic mop.

Pick it Up Professional cleaners clean furniture, counters, floors and appliances, they cant do the job if each horizontal surface is covered with papers, toys, dirty dishes and clutter. If you were a high priced cleaning crew, you would not want all the clutter, because that will slow your cleaning job.

Give your self the same headstart.

Tote your Tools Dont forget your tools, you dont want to go down stairs just to get the towel, brush or tool that you left. You dont want to be looking for the vacuum or the cleaning towels, you need to have everything ready at hand.

Simplify your Supplies Professional cleaners simplify all the cleaning products they have in one tray, they rely just on a few multi purpose solutions to cut time and clutter.

Be Motivated Dont get distracted with television or kids or checking email, get motivated and stay focus until you finish a task. Sometimes cleaning with the help of a son, sister or friend helps a lot.

Every Movement Counts Dont circle the room more than once, professional cleaners will spray and wipe the mirror, crub the sink, wipe down ounters and polish fixtures before the move on to the right or left.

Use Both Hands Professional cleaners get in the habit of using both hands to make their cleaning tasks.

Do Team Work 2 people can make a bed 4 times faster than a single one working alone. Pros work in teams Wrap up each job Cleaners leave all their tools in the right place where they can find it the next time they need it.

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