Amazons Alexas Skill lets you book you cleaning service by voice command

There is a growing trend of using smart home devices to take care of your home automatically. It is a fact that the internet of things is the next big trend in technology, every device in your home will be connected to the cloud and help you make decisions and optimize your home to make your life easier and to save you money.

For example there are devices that you can install so that you can turn on or off the lights with just a voice command or even open windows.

But now Amazons Alexas New Skill can help you get your house clean. You can book a cleaning just by chatting with Alexa. Amazon Echo now makes it possible for users to book a cleaning service just with your voice.

Now with more than 600,000 customers using amazon device you can be Alexa will be getting a lot of requests.

Handy is now available in 28 cities across 15 states in 3 countries and there have been 2.5 million bookings.

Imagine while you are in the kitchen working just with a voice command you can ask for a carpet cleaner in your city.

This new technology is amazing and i think we will see more of it soon, Amazon is just one option at the moment but im sure we will see this technology integrated with many other services and commands that you will be able to give and have done.

For instance you may buy your groceries by voice and have them at home in an hour.


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